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Top Fertility Monitors – Principles of Ovulation Monitors

After long months of failing attempts to get pregnant, you resort to the top fertility monitors to help you conceive. Your situation is understandable. The pressure is on your shoulder. You want to complete your family life by having a baby around. If you want to keep the monitoring a secret, you can do it in your own by owning one of the top fertility monitors. The electronic device helps your become more aware of your ovulation and thus, know your fertile window. When you know the crucial period to make contact with your partner, you have a higher chance to get pregnant.

Hormone Monitors

The level of hormones changes throughout the menstrual cycle. One to 2 days before ovulation, the luteinizing hormone increase by two to five-folds. The peak is often detected to give you the clue for your most fertile days. If you want to get pregnant, you have to have sexual intercourse during this time. There are several products that use the hormone in predicting the release of egg cell. They use urine as specimen. Women use sticks to detect for the presence of luteinizing hormone. The products predicts six fertile days every month. The portability of the device makes it very convenient for most women to carry with them. Because it is easy to read and interpret, you do not have to use it under the supervision of a health professional.

Temperature Monitors

Another device in the list of top fertility monitors is the thermal monitor. It is based on the fact that during ovulation, there is a slight increase in the body temperature. If you do not want to manually tract for your basal body temperature, you can use the thermal monitors to do the task for you. The change can be detected few days prior to the release of egg. Women wear the thermal sensor. It can come as a watch or as a patch and automatically stores up to 20,000 readings per day. The collected data is then forwarded to the device to calculate the fertile window.

Electrolyte Monitors

If you want more accurate results to track your ovulation, the electrolyte monitors are available. The devices measure the electrolyte level in the saliva. Based on the physiological changes in the body, the electrolytes change due to the direct influence of the hormone estrogen. The accuracy rate is highly commendable in top fertility monitors. It can detect up to 7 days of fertile window.

Combination Monitor

Other devices considered as top fertility monitors work by combining the principles of body temperature, electrolyte and hormone level, cervical mucous secretions and cycle history. The results are highly superior when compared with single detectors. There are reports of up to 99% accuracy rate.

Top fertility monitors are widely popular among women. All of them are based on the scientific evidence. Thus, if you want to get pregnant, use any of them to predict your fertility.

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