Ovacue Fertility Monitor Review

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What Is The OvaCue?

This patented OvaCue electronic device is a fertility monitor designed for women trying to become pregnant.  This small unit senses the concentration of electrolytes in her saliva, processes and analyzes the data, then displays the results on its color screen.

With each monthly cycle, it can accurately predict her time of ovulation up to seven days in advance — increasing  the potential opportunity for conception.

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How Does the Ovacue Fertility Monitor Work?

Ova Cue is credited with helping thousands of woman conceive. With a clinically proven accuracy rate of more than 98%, the monitor can effectively predict ovulation by detecting a gradual increase of estrogen. The unit does all the work, by sensing the slow steady build up of the estrogen hormone concentrated in her saliva. The small portable device can easily predict and verify how close she is to ovulating and provide a optimal time frame of her peak fertility.

Having a “lead time” of five to seven days before ovulation, she has time to plan for sexual intercourse before she begins to ovulate. Because the egg will only be fertile for between 12 to 17 hours, time is of the essence. And because sperm needs time to travel up into the fallopian tube to fertilize the ovum, by giving it enough time the sperm can already be present when her ovulation begins, dramatically increasing the chances of conception.

Is the OvaCue Fertility Monitor Safe?

The U.S. FDA approved OvaCue Fertility Monitor is completely safe, as no chemicals are used with this mildly invasive device. Unlike messy and unsanitary urine stick based products, this spoon size sensor placed on the tongue for just three seconds every morning is the only thing that comes in contact with the user.

Is the Ova Cue Fertility Monitor Expensive?

Though the upfront cost of purchasing the unit is pricey, there are nothing more to purchase (other than a battery) to use the device for years.

Ovacue Fertility Monitor Reviews and Testimonials

“I am a firm believer in the OvaCue. In addition to a past history of infertility and endometriosis, my cycles have always been irregular. I’ve tried to conceive unsuccessfully with temperature charting. The OvaCue is an exciting, easy, and accurate method for predicting ovulation. I’ve achieved pregnancy in just two months. I highly recommend it to other women!”

I was trying to conceive for 4 years before using the Ova Cue. No other ovulation predictors could catch my ovulation, because it was different every month. After using the OvaCue , I got pregnant after only 3 cycles! I also used it to conceive my second child, and it worked with her too! I highly recommend this product, without it I would not have my two beautiful children!

“I am pregnant again and can’t wait to meet my new baby. Thanks for developing such a great fertility monitor! “

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Is OvaCue Easy to Use?

The Ovacue Fertility Monitor can be used by women of all ages who have begun menstrual cycles. All you need to do is place the spoon-sized sensor to your tongue each morning. After just three seconds the fertility monitor has gathered the required information. The unit then analyzes the collected data, and within seconds displays the results on an easy for you to understand screen.

When the device detects the gradual qualitative increases of estrogen in the concentrated electrolytes in your saliva, it will alert you within five to seven days in advance of your ovulation, allowing you the opportunity to plan and prepare for intercourse, thereby increasing your chances of conceiving.


  • 5 to 7 day advance notice of ovulation
  • Over 98% accuracy
  • Simple to use and convenient
  • Easy to understand display screen
  • Safe to use
  • Displays results in English, Spanish and Chinese, with just the click of a button


  • Higher up front cost

In Summary

By detecting elevated levels of estrogen in the saliva of the user, this simple to use OvaCue Fertilization Monitoring portable device gives an added advantage by informing her that she is reaching an optimum time to conceive.

If finding assistance through understanding when she is most fertile, this product, with its high accuracy rate, lack of chemicals and no urine testing, is one method she might want to consider.

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Carissa July 8, 2011 at 4:50 am

I purchased an older model OvaCue and the vaginal sensor off of Ebay. It worked great for a few weeks then had problems with staying on. I contacted the company. Their customer service is great. They actually replaced my older OvaCue with a new model. Since receiving the new OvaCue it has worked perfectly. It is very simple to use and only takes a few moments to test. The bags that come with the OvaCue are not really big enough to conviently carry the OvaCue with you for vaginal testing mid-day. But I resolved this issue by getting an inexpensive pencil case to store it in. This makes for a desceet way to carry it with me. I believe it has been accurately predicting ovulation. Another added bonus is the free website ovagraph.com to chart your readings, BBT and any other fertility signs that you keep track of. On this site there is a rep from Fairhaven (company that sells the OvaCue now) that is available to answer any questions. She uses the OvaCue personally as well. She answers questions in the forums daily and will respond to any questions you send her in a message very quickly. I think this product is well worth the $$, considering any other monitor is not a one time expense like the OvaCue. With the other monitors there are supplies that need to be purchased each month, which can get expensive.


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