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Product: The Ov Watch Ovulation Watch

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How Does the Ov Watch Ovulation Watch Work?

Specific salts (chloride, sodium, potassium) in a woman’s body fluctuate depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle.

Chloride levels are low at the beginning of the cycle and peak three times during the menstrual cycle (view chart below).

Using a patented bio-sensor, the OV Watch ovulation watch will detect a baseline chloride ion level for each woman and then predict ovulation based on the timing of the first peak.

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The OVWatch detects the chloride surge 3 days prior to the estrogen surge, 4 days prior to the LH surge and 5 days prior to ovulation, giving couples a greater window to conceive during every month.

How to Use the OV Watch

The OV Watch is worn on 1st, 2nd or 3rd day of the menstrual cycle while you sleep and all throughout ovulation.  As mentioned, the ovulation watch will measure changes in your chloride ion levels that are secreted in your sweat.

The OV Watch will then be able to alert you when you are fertile before ovulation and the when you are ovulating.  The watch will state:  FERTILE DAY 1, FERTILE DAY 2, FERTILE DAY 3, FERTILE DAY 4, OVULATION DAY 1, and the day after.

OV Watch Testimonials and Customer Reviews

Still not pregnant, but it showed me when I ovulate. We LOVE it! Easy to use.

My name is Tammy and my husband, Markus, and I have been trying to conceive our 2nd child for two years now. We used ovulation predictor kits for 16 months to no avail! I found out about the OV Watch online while reading a fertility article. We live overseas and could not order one as they are not approved to ship out of the United States yet. As luck would have it my husband had to take a business trip to Washington DC, so I ordered a watch and six months of sensors sent to his hotel! It arrived right on time and my husband skeptically brought it home with him. It was so easy to use and the directions were a snap to follow. I wore it every night while I slept and low and behold up popped my fertile days just as promised. No hassles, no test to take, no lines to try to read, no clock to watch! I am proud to announce we conceived the FIRST month! After all the articles and hope bashing information about how hard it is for women over 40 to conceive, I can proudly wave my positive pregnancy test high! I can not thank you enough for taking the stress out of conceiving. I highly recommend the OV Watch. It turned the odds in our favor and we could not be happier! Thank you again for this amazing technology! Sincerely, Tammy G., South Korea

My husband and I were trying to have a baby for a little over a year and we used several ovulation test kits and tried charting my temperature to conceive but none of these methods worked. I saw a commercial for OV Watch one day and I decided to give it a try. We used the watch for 2 months and in the second month I got pregnant. My pregnancy was great and I now have a beautiful 4 month old boy. I have and will continue to recommend OV Watch to everyone I know who wants to get pregnant. I am so very grateful for OV Watch because it helped make my dream come true. Thank you. – Yvonne

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  • Easy to use and discreet, just wear it while you sleep and “forget about it”
  • The OV Watch is clinically proven and FDA-Cleared
  • Provides 5 to 6 day fertility window
  • There’s no mess
  • Cheaper than other fertility monitors on the market
  • Predicts more fertile days than ovulation sticks
  • You can share this product with a friend once you get pregnant unlike urine or saliva based fertility monitors


  • Some women who have dry skin aren’t able to get a proper reading with the ovulation watch
  • Must replace ovulation sensors every cycle which can get pricey

In Summary

The OV Watch ovulation watch seems to work for some women perfectly and not for others.  If you want accurate results, with a fertility monitor that has more consistent results we would recommend OvaCue fertility monitor instead.

If you are looking to buy the OV Watch simply because it’s cheaper than other fertility monitors initially, keep in mind that the cost of the ovulation sensors can add up if you still aren’t pregnant after a few cycles.

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