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What Is the Lady Comp Fertility Monitor?

The LadyComp Monitoring system is a birth control device that allows a woman to know the days through out her menstrual cycle that she is either fertile or infertile. Through the use of an oral sensor it quickly gathers data from the user to forecast what days that are best suited to maintain Natural Family Planning.

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How Does The Lady Comp Fertility Monitor Work?

The press of a button and thirty seconds each day is all that is required to use the Lady Comp. She simply places the oral sensor on her tongue and inputs data on the device concerning her menstrual date, the unit does all the rest of the work, by processing, analyzing and evaluating the information with over 700,000 comparative menstrual cycles.

It then displays the diagnostic results indicating how fertile she will be over the course of the next twenty four hours. This quick and easy to use system is safe, reliable and over 99%

Is The Lady Comp Hard To Use?

This easy to use device simply requires the user to place the oral sensor on their tongue, hold it there for thirty seconds, then input information concerning her menstruation cycle. After the Lady Comp has made its analysis of the data just imputed and processes and calculates it against its database, the unit displays a Green Light indicating she is “infertile” or it will display a Red Light indicating she is “fertile” or a Yellow Light indicating she is “probably fertile”.

With this information she can take control of her birth control. Because it is over 99% accurate it makes it a safe, natural and medication free choice to family planning, accurate, making it a perfect way to take control of her birth control. It is very dependable and can interpret even complicated menstrual cycles.

Lady Comp Reviews and Testimonials

“Thanks so much for being a GREAT company to work with so far! I’ve loved the Lady-Comp. It’s been the BEST birth control we’ve ever used.”

“For all those women that really care about their body and health, this is the best option out there to use. It may look a little bit expensive but just think how much you’ve been spending on pills and how much you will spend on the next months or years, this is really a very good investment for your health, life and family.”

“This little gadget rocks. We’ve used it for two months and it accurately pin-pointed my fertile days. It even works with my long cycles(35-40 days). Thank you so much for the huge gift you’ve given our marriage.”

“I have been using the Lady Comp for about a year & a half for contraceptive reasons. WE LOVE it!”

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  • Takes just 30 seconds a day
  • Contains no drugs or chemicals
  • Has no side effect
  • Helpful for PMS
  • Fertility status instantly displayed each morning
  • Gives a fertility prognosis for the next six days
  • Reliable and accurate over 99%
  • Dependable and study device
  • Natural birth control and conception
  • No monthly costs
  • Requires nothing more than a battery to operate


  • It is one of the most expensive fertility monitors on the market

In Summary

If you are looking to get pregnant, this simple device provides you with a daily diagnosis indicating your fertility status for each twenty four hours quickly, easily and accurately then Lady Comp is certainly a great alternative to more simple ways to measuring fertility such as with ovulation sticks.

If you are looking to avoid getting pregnant, this reliable birth control device can accurately monitor the fertility status of a woman’s menstrual cycle to predict the days that are safe to have sexual intercourse.

For the times a woman wants to make sure she is not fertile, or the times she’s wanting to conceive, the Lady Comp can provide much needed assistance.

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