Fertility Gems

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Fertility gems sparkle and awe those who view them, but possess an even larger authority in their ability to make women more fertile when included in jewelry.

It’s true, simply including the dazzling stones and crystals known to make women pregnant in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other pieces of jewelry can help a woman realize the dream of every female – becoming a mother!

These beautiful gems are always shiny, always colorful and often prompt envy from others. But are you aware of their greatness function?

The allure of using fertility gems to help you become pregnant is that there are many options, which allow you to select the perfect jewelry accessory that will compliment your wardrobe as it increases your fruitfulness. There are also numerous options when deciding which gemstones to use and you might use one of several different stones and crystals or a combination of them.

Fertility gems include moonstone, garnet, rose quartz, chrysoprase, and earth stone, each of which is documented to help women harness the power of the earth in making them more fertile.

Crystals such as carnelian, moonstone, and rose quartz can also help you become pregnant. These beautiful rocks dug deep from the center of the Earth have long been respected for their pledge of helping women relax, which also increases their chances of becoming pregnant.

The result of the increased relaxation is greater blood flow as your body is filled with energy and you become healthier and display an improved sense of confidence. Subsequently, your immune system is boosted and you will become healthier — a dynamic essential for any woman hoping to become pregnant.

Crystals can also help women become pregnant, while avoiding medications, techniques or other medical approaches that at best do nothing and leave them frustrated while, at worse, may harm them. Many women have told not only of the power of gemstones to help conceive, but also realize the dream of pregnancy following problems with previous pregnancies.

You don’t have to look to fertility gems alone if you want to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. This is because you can wear jewelry with gems that portray the distinctive images of fertility.

Diverse cultures have looked to symbols for fertility that include cats, fish and rabbits because of their ability to create multiple offspring. Depictions of different fertility goddesses from African and Egypt can also harness the power of the heavens to help women become more fertile.

This is why you can create a stunning and unique piece of jewelry that expresses a belief in the power of these symbols with fertility gems that deliver on the promise of bringing a child into your life!

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