Electronic Fertility Monitor

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Facts about Electronic Fertility Monitor

Electronic fertility monitor can be the best help of women who are trying to get pregnant. Because of the difficulty of the situation and the frustrating feeling, you want to get the most effective help this time. Home fertility monitors are very popular because of their ease and privacy of use. You can use them without the aid of health professionals. Thus, you can keep your frequent attempt to get pregnant a secret. No one will know that you are actually tracking your menstrual cycle to increase your chance to conceive.


The history of tracking ovulation began when scientists noticed the changes in the body throughout the women’s menstrual cycle. The changes include the body temperature, cervical mucus consistency, cervix and later on, the hormone and electrolyte levels. Previously, women predict their fertility period using the natural way. They require the assistance of their doctors to correctly tract their ovulation. This technique is not very attractive for those who want to keep their difficulty of getting pregnant a secret. But with the advancement in technology, home monitoring kits are now available. You can do your checking at home with complete privacy.


Previously, women who want to get pregnant go through the tedious process of trial and error to hit the ovulation day. They engage in regular intercourse only to find out that at the end of the month, no fertilization has occurred. The disappointment adds to your stress and the undue stress even worsens your ability to conceive. But with the release of electronic fertility monitors, you can accurately predict your fertile window and schedule your sexual contact correctly.


Electronic fertility monitor is very effective. The 99% accuracy rate increases your chances of pregnancy. However, you should also put reasonable expectations from the electronic fertility monitor. Normally, you have to wait for 6 months to 1 year before you get pregnant. Although there are some reports that women got pregnant on the first month of using the ovulation tool, the average results happen on the 6th until 12th month. So, do not despair when you do not hit a positive result on your first month.


The specimen used in monitoring your fertility depends on the electronic fertility monitor you purchase. But mostly, urine and saliva are used. For urine, it detects for the increase of luteinizing hormone which happens about 12-24 hours before the actual release of egg from the ovary. For saliva-based monitors, the electrolyte levels are detected. These electrolytes change because of the influence of the hormone estrogen. The two have excellent accuracy rate. However, majority of women find the urine testing as messy and inconvenient.


The cost of electronic fertility monitors vary. You can spend as much as $400 per device including the sticks. For other devices like the saliva-based sensors, you only spend a one-time payment. This is because you do not have to buy more expensive sticks once you consume all the sticks included in the package. The sensor is good for many years since it is washable.

Electronic fertility monitors aids you to achieve your goal. With its benefit and effectiveness, there is no reason why you should not take advantage of the available technology to help you get pregnant. Get your home monitoring tool and take charge of your fertility.

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