Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor Reviews – Does It Work?

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What Is A Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor?

The portable hand held fertility device by Clear Blue Easy monitors a woman’s daily hormone levels to predict her most optimum time for conception.

This FDA non-invasive system provides women with a daily interpretation of where she is in her menstruation cycle, and how fertile she is that day, giving her the information she needs to optimize her chances to conceive.

The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor is one of the most well known fertility monitors on the market as it is so accurate and easy to use.

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How Does The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor Work?

This simple to understand system uses a small computerized monitoring device along with urine test sticks to track her hormones as their levels increase when the user nears her time of ovulation. The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor is designed to detect incremental increasing changes of two specific hormones associated with fertility.

On days that require input from the user, the monitor quickly analyzes the incoming information, processes the data, and displays the results, thereby predicting how fertile the woman is that day.

Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor Reviews and Testimonials

“After trying for 3 months with my ovulation cycle varying from 28 to 38 days, I decided that I needed help to pinpoint when I was ovulating. There was no question over the result. Thank you so much I will not hesitate to recommend”

“We now have a wonderful 6month old and are trying for out second using the fertility monitor. The best money we ever spent.”

“I got pregnant after the first month. We are so excited, and definitely credit the fertility monitor for the pregnancy.”

“I had trouble getting pregnant with my first child took over a year of trying. My husband bought the fertility monitor kit as a Christmas gift. After the first month to set up levels the second month told us when the best time was and we got pregnant with TWINS! It works.”

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How Do You Use the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor?

Upon waking each morning the user merely pushes a start button to see the which day of her menstrual cycle she is on. On certain days, she will be instructed to take a clean urine test strip out of its container, urinate on it for three seconds and place the stick in the monitoring device.

After 5 minutes of processing, the unit will display one of three results, one bar indicating a “Low” fertile day, two bars indicating a “High” fertile day, or three bars indicating a “Peak” level. This fertility monitor is capable of predicting up to six days of “Peak” fertility before she ovulates and five additional days of “High” fertility giving the woman a wider window of opportunity to conceive.


  • Easy to understand instructions
  • High accuracy rate (99%) of all fertile days
  • Simple to use
  • Day to day management of menstrual cycle
  • Can be used for menstrual cycles lasting 21 to 42 days
  • Knows exactly where she is on her cycle each month


  • Must purchase urine stick refills each month

In Summary

If your goal is to maximize your greatest opportunity to conceive and are looking for a system to help you predict the most optimal time to conceive, then this monitor is worth considering. This device, with its high accuracy, user friendly design will give you the daily updates you need to understand how fertile you are each 24 hours, allowing you the best possible chance for conception.

By accurately predicting how fertile a woman is each morning, the  Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor will simplify her understanding of which days are the most important to have intercourse when trying  to get pregnant. This device eliminates human interpretation of reading self monitoring products by analyzing data through its powerful computer. For any woman dedicated to conceiving a baby, this monitor offers her the best chance.

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